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We'll meet again one day, under the light of the brave.

Sep 10, 2019
Slowly becoming dull like a blade,
And I'm sure I can't mend.
Time will eventually cast shade,
and I will see you again friend. boat.png
(Buck Island, Puerto Rico - August 2015)

Until that time comes,
I shall move through the wind.
I remember holding you in my arms,
As you withered away with a grin. helicopter.png
(Montana, United States of America - April 2016)

This godforsaken land,
Has only cursed us in vain.
From the times we moved with the wind,
Whether it shined or whether it rained. mud.png
(Kalinga, Philippines - July 2017)

As the past finds me,
I'm slowly taking all the blame.
People tell me 'you look crappy',
As I turn my head in shame. captured.png
(Shah Foladi, Afghanistan - October 2018)

The past deeds I have done,
I am sure I cannot mend.
We'll soon be again as one,

And soon enough we'll again be friends. snow2.png
(Verhojansk, Russian Federation - December 2018)
Sep 10, 2019
As I laid down on the hood of my car, I thought about the old days...you know, before I met her. Back then, nothing could harm me, I was invincible. But even invincible people stop being so when their weak spot is compromised. And boy was mine, more than I could've ever imagined.

I found myself waking up to a beautiful sunset down by the beach, the calm waves crashing against the golden sand as I dreamt I was home.
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