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The Highlanders Motorcycle Club

Jul 25, 2020
Faction Application

Faction Application Form

General Faction Information
1.0) Faction Name: Highlanders Motorcycle Club
1.1) Legal/Illegal: Illegal
1.1.0) If your faction is illegal, do you have any legal fronts?: Our intent and wish is to set up a mechanics shop, partially to provide work and RP for our players, and partially to provide a front for gun running. We'd also like to extend the legal side of our MC to a bar as well somewhere down the line, maybe pair it up with an invite-only bar at our Clubhouse.

2.0) Total leader play time: 23 hours.
2.1) Current up-to-date amount of members:
  • framebox - Alex Colton
  • Bruh - Thomas Dean
  • wickedsource - John Hagan
  • Jackie - Jason Baker
  • Slappy - Paul Underwood
  • bluelily - Mason Miller

3.0) Property Ownership | Requesting Property: Preferrably, when that option becomes available, a compound up in Paleto. But having a place down in the city wouldn't be a bad idea, at least for now. For the sake of a consistent and proper roleplay experience, we figure that Vespucci might be a good fit for us. It's close to the coastline, which fits our factions lore, and it doesn't step on the LSMC's toes, since their traffic of players seem more or less centered around Mirror Park and Davis.

3.1) Does your faction require any script support?: [This can be commands, custom mapping (provided by you) or anything of the sort]: Once interior furnishings become a thing, we'd like to set up a clubhouse/bar in true MC fashion.

3.2) What are your factions long term goals?:
  • To establish a high-traffic source for Gun running from us and through other crews, encouraging proper Illegal factions RP.
  • To maintain semi-realistic and, most importantly, fun MC roleplay.
  • Expand the narrative of our club, in hopes of creating an interesting and intriguing history on the server, whether that be as a loud, obnoxious MC, pillars of the community(seemingly) or otherwise.

4.0) Screenshots of role play & story:
4.1) Additional comments: There is additional lore written up about our faction, information that can be readily available in moderate amounts. Some of it is secret for the sake of meta, such as bylaws, gun running history, while other parts, such as the Mother charter and other charters, should be available for members who join in (prospect and above) as well as administrators or others who handle faction applications.



Staff member
Board Of Trustees
Dec 6, 2018
Hi there,

Is there any specific location/building you'd like to have mapped in as a clubhouse? I know you mentioned Vespucci, there's a few locations there which might be suitable, just need to be given a heads up on which you'd like so we can discuss internally. Feel free to DM me on Discord if you'd like.