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[SALE] 1112 West Mirror Drive

May 20, 2020
1112 West Mirror Drive
Property of David Harrington
Auction Managed by Calvin Pfister

1112 West Mirror Drive is a corner house adjacent to West Mirror Drive and Mirror Pl. This property consists of a beautiful two-story home, with a lakefront view of Mirror Park. With ample amounts of driveway for any homeowner to park four vehicles or more! A roomy backyard is accompanied by a patio and a beautiful garden landscape.

1112 West Mirror Drive offers a traditional interior likewise to other Mirror Park homes. The home has an open floor design, connecting the living room, dining room, and kitchen. The living room offers a big couch, a large flat-screen television, and a great showcase of books, artwork, toys, and movies! The dining room consists of a small table set that fits up to four. The kitchen is wrapped nicely with modern appliances, checkered tiles, and eye candy green counters. A master bedroom is included with a double bed, enough storage, and a small bathroom. The bathroom has a small shower, a toilet with a wooden seat, marble counters, and an interesting ring buoy mirror!

House priced at $180,000

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