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Populum Solus | Website & User Control Panel

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Dec 12, 2018

Populum Solus - Landing Page / Website
"Huge special thanks to Numark for creating the basic framework and structure for the website. He did a fantastic job structuring a classy GTA look, and provided a design that replicates our server well!"

The Populum Solus Website was introduced to provide assistance to Players, and the Administrative Team. The website hosts a variety of information that goes further in depth about who we are. We wanted to take the time and effort to perfect the website, and get a landing page out as soon as possible! Currently in Development, We have an entire User Control Panel being built from the ground up, to provide the best possible user-end experience. Players will have access to their Character Information, Account, Admin Record, and various other goodies as well! The Administrative Team will also benefit greatly from the website, as it allows more tools for us to assist players directly.

You can view the website at https://populumsolus.com we would love to hear your feedback so forth!

Development Status
Currently the UCP is in full swing and is in production to be released before the New Year(2020). Myself, and Micaww are working as hard as we can to write code, design, edit, photo-shop, and bug test all in one. We are extremely busy crafting the server script, and the website. Please bear with us as we continue to push for greatness. The end result will be bitter sweet!


A quick shot of the User Control Panel Main-Page More to come, and is still a heavy work in progress!
Stay tuned for more progress!

Numark - "Basic Website Framework, and Layout for PSRP"
Mac - "UCP Design, and Website Front-End Developer"
Micaww - "Back end Developer for Website/Front End"

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