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Personal Loans!


Jun 9, 2018

Sovereign Holdings
Los Santos
San Andreas
Personal Loans - Sovereign Corporate Banking

Sovereign Holdings are proud to announce that, from the 17th of May 2020 we'll start providing personal loans to clients within the State of San Andreas. These loans aim to help support citizens of San Andreas

These loans will be subject to an application and potentially an upfront deposit, dependent on the prospective owners financial status & viability of the proposed loan amount
How our loans work:

Following a successful loan application, Sovereign Holdings will provide you with a direct-to-bank transfer, alongside a contract detailing repayment terms. This loan is subject to a credit score check.

Sovereign Holdings retains the right to;
  • Seize property if loans aren't repaid to the agreed upon term.

Application Format:

To apply for a loan, please email Sovereign Holdings the following application ((Forum PM))

Full Name: Answer here.

Date of Birth: Answer here.

Address: Answer here.

Occupation: Answer here.

Monthly Income ((Your hourly payday.)): Answer here.

List of Properties: List all of your properties such as houses and businesses here with their market value and average income and proof of ownership. ((What you paid for any existing owned property/business))

Vehicles: List all of your vehicles and proof of ownership.((SS Deeds for proof of ownership.))

Loan Amount in U.S. Dollars: Answer here.

What is the loan to be used for?: Answer here.
Upon application, Sovereign Holdings will be in-touch to discuss your requirements and begin the approval process. Once approved, we'll provide you with a contract and associated terms and conditions should you wish to proceed.