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Apr 20, 2019
Faction Application

Faction Application Form

General Faction Information
1.0) Faction Name: Hayes Automotive
1.1) Legal/Illegal: Legal
1.1.0) If your faction is illegal, do you have any legal fronts?:

2.0) Total leader play time: -
2.1) Current up-to-date amount of members: 1 for now
  • Kaos - Robert Hayes (once the F2 Accounts section is fixed)

3.0) Property Ownership | Requesting Property: Hayes Automotive

3.0.0) This property must be relative to your faction whether it be a gang area, house or, business. You may also request a property as long as it is not in use

3.1) Does your faction require any script support?: [This can be commands, custom mapping (provided by you) or anything of the sort]: A simple towing script for all tow trucks along with the ability to work on vehicles (such as oil changes, removing tires/adding tires...the rest of the stuff would be roleplayed since we have the mod shops)

3.2) What are your factions long term goals?: To become a functioning mechanic shop and first in the towing business.

4.0) Screenshots of role play & story: Story and advertisement will be posted as a reply.

4.1) Additional comments:

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Apr 20, 2019

Welcome to Hayes Automotive!
Established in 2020, Hayes Automotive is your one stop shop for all your Road Services needs! Hayes Automotive offers a range of services from Towing & Storage to Recovery, Roadside Assistance, Mechanic Services and much much more!! We offer quality services to our customers and we have the best rates in the state of San Andreas!


  • Private Property Towing - Is a vehicle abandoned on your private property? Well you have the right to have it removed and it will be no cost to you!
  • Auto Accident Towing - Get into a wreck? Hayes Automotive will be there in a jiffy! We specialize in auto accident vehicle removal and will tow it to any where you request at the going rate!.[/SIZE]

  • Want your vehicle parked in a secure area? We have a storage lot just for you! Our fenced in parking lot is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by an off site security company!
  • Pulled over by LSPD or SASP and need your vehicle towed? Call us and we will be right there to bring it to a secure area rather than having them tow it for being left on the side of the road and get slapped with a ticket!

Roadside Assistance
  • Fido lock you out of the car again? Well thank the lord that we specialize in lock outs and lock ins!
  • Tire go flat because your neighbor decided to be a you know what and throw tacks in the road? We also offer a tire changing service at LOW cost!
  • Forget to fill up the car on the family road trip because Bobby wouldn't stop talking? That's okay, we offer fuel delivery as well!

Mechanic Services
  • We also offer mechanic services! Do you need an oil change? Thankfully we provide quick and easy oil changes for one flat fee depending on the style of car!
    • Sedans - $50 flat
    • SUVs/Pickup Trucks - $75
    • Tractor-Trailers - $150
    • Other vehicles - Rate will be determined by the mechanic doing the service
  • All oil changes come with a free tire rotation and also include the oil disposal fee which is federally required.

Auto Accident Towing - Flat rate fee of $200
Storage Fee - $40 Daily or $270 per week
Lock out - $100
Tire Changes - $75
Fuel Refill - $50
Car Painting - $500
Oil Change - Prices listed above
Engine Repair - Determined after inspection

If you are in need of a towing company within the State of San Andreas, call Hayes Automotive and we will be right there for you!​

Contact us:
Robert Mosley
Email - rhayes@hayesauto.com ((Forum PM))
Phone - 935-5183
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Apr 20, 2019
I guess this can be L&A. Building is apparently owned by another faction even tho there isn't anything showing it is.


Head of Staff
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Head of Staff
Dec 12, 2018
I'm locking this topic because the Mosley service garage and dealership will be given away as a WHOLE entity. The Faction, Building, and Phone number will be given. We are unsure on how we plan to distribute this to players, so that everyone can have a chance to use the new mapping.

On a side note, the building is not owned by anyone, it was simply put into a faction so that cars could be saved there, to look nice.