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Fo' duece,[42](Damu bloods) EBK.

Aug 27, 2020
Faction Application

Faction Application Form

General Faction Information
1.0) Faction Name: Fo' Duece.
1.1) Legal/Illegal: Illegal.
1.1.0) If your faction is illegal, do you have any legal fronts?: Not at the moment. (Maybe in the near future.)

2.0) Total leader play time: One hour. (It's late at night, and we decided we wanted to make a faction.)
2.1) Current up-to-date amount of members: Korey Jackson, Rico Rich, and Will Johnson, and Xavier Johnson.
  • Please specify IG/Forum names in this format Axfils - Will Johnson, Rico_Rich - Rico Rich, and xCJ05x - Korey Jackson. Xavier Johnson - (Making it currently, I will update it once I get informed on what it is.)

3.0) Property Ownership | Requesting Property: We are going to buy some houses on strawberry, or we can request some. (Update! We will be purchasing some today!)

3.0.0) This property must be relative to your faction whether it be a gang area, house or, business. You may also request a property as long as it is not in use: Well, we plan on "Trapping" out of houses on strawberry street, so a house or two there will be fine. I think ones called 511 freeway drive, I don't know, it's just a example. I plan on using this as a business type of house for the gang, it's gonna be the "Trap".

3.1) Does your faction require any script support?: [This can be commands, custom mapping (provided by you) or anything of the sort]: Not at all.

3.2) What are your factions long term goals?: To become a big gang, in SARP. To be known for our drug selling, and weapon selling. We plan on doing big things in this community, we wanna grow enough to host a BLOCK PARTY! And we wanna bring some good roleplay experiences to people. Were already getting off to a good start. We want to do some good things in this community, RP wise, and experience wise. We wanna give players, a nice and good roleplaying faction, one that doesn't get mad if there getting cussed at, and go full guns-a-blazing mode. We got high hopes for this, and I hope you do too!

4.0) Screenshots of role play & story: Rico bagging up weed, and coke, for buyers, he does this everyday. This is how he makes his money, this is how his gang "eats".
Rico doing some things to get his cash, sometimes they aren't always legal.

Rico finally get's a legal job, so he has some sort of cover up, and legal way to make some extra cash.
4.1) Additional comments: None, just to understand were still recruiting, I'm getting about 4 more people tommorow, and we already made a story which is below. We already created a thread, and were pretty much set if we were to be accepted, I have some screens ready if we are.

Fo' Duecec [EBK][PIRU]


Fo' Duece, is a subset to Damu Bloods, which originated in the West Coast. Fo' Duece was originally made in the late 1990's, but was soon resumed in a place called Fruitridge, CA. They are pinkies down, but for now we will just be EBK. Fo' Duece is a blood set, they wear red flags, and post up at Strawberry, where it was resumed by gang members, Korey Jackson, he recruited, and started banging again, he brang it from Sacramento. Korey recruited a youngin', Rico Rich, they started to bang their set, day by day, jumping people in, getting deeper and deeper, as they started to go, they started to get in gang fights, such as drive-by's, and brawls. Fo' Duece was a violent gang in sacramento, who's greatest known rapper was "Bris" when he was shot and killed on fruitridge bulevard. They started to make a name for themselves with their music. They started to trap out of houses, moving packs, and selling whatever they could to "eat" out there. It was a dog-eat-dog world, and they were just living in it, it's hard when your not givin' the chance, so they started a clique at first, but it got more heavy so they formed a gang. They started banging fo' duece, Piru.

Business, and operations.

Fo' Duece, runs a drug dealing business, they trap out of houses in Strawberry. They buy drugs from people, and flip them or they rob stores, anyway they can aquire money is fine to them. Fo' Duece also has some rappers bringing in cash, such as the little homies, if they got talent, they try to push them to use it. They sell dope, and weed, anything they can get their hands on, they plan on selling weapons too in the near future. Fo' Duece traps out of their traphouse, they bag the stuff theirselves, and have the little ones prove themselves by going out and flipping it, sometimes they make it also. They do what they got to to make their cash, whether it's grimy, or it's stupid, they try their best. They aren't smart smart, but they aren't stupid enough to plan something out to get caught. They bang strawberry street, and if they see a easy lick, they take it.

(We trap out the houses on strawberry, and post up at the projects.)


1. Tiny Young Gangster (TYG)

2. Young Gangster (YG)

3. Original Young Gangster (OYG)

4. Original Gangster (OG)

5. Double OG (OOG)

6. Tripple OG (OOOG)

7. God Father, or God Mother. (GF, GM)

(Terms, "Lil Homie" "Pup", but all bloods refer to each other, as "Blood" Or "B Dog", and "Duece".)
(Gang signs, Piru, EBK, and Pinkies Down. Or they hold up 4 with one hand, and two with the other. Twisting it also.)


1. We do not recruit OOC, you know where to find us.

2. You must know how to spell, and have proper grammar.

3. You must know how to make a proper, /me or a proper /do.

4. We do not accept trolls, or anyone who wants to give us a hard time.
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Jun 24, 2019
Awesome. Thanks for putting in solid effort on the app. Always supporting illegal faction apps to keep the market competitive, especially from what appears to be a group of people who know what they’re doing.