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Feature Guide: Fishing System


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Jan 10, 2019
Feature Guide: Fishing System

The fishing system allows players to generate income, both as a fisherman/woman and as the Captain of a fishing boat. To go fishing, you will need a fishing rod, bait, a boat, a good fishing spot, and enough space to store fishes that have been caught. Once you're ready to turn in your fish, return to the general area of a fishing shop to sell your fish. This guide will go into more detail about how to prepare for your first fishing trip as well as the benefits of being a Captain of a boat.

1. Purchase fishing bait and a rod
  • Stop by the Fishing Shop, marked with a hook icon at either Vespucci Marina or Del Perro Pier.
2. Obtain access to a boat
  • Either purchase one from the Boat Dealership in the Vespucci Maria (marked with a boat icon as shown above, near the Fishing Shop), borrow/rent one from someone willing, or if you feel adventurous, you could always steal one.
  • Keep in mind that each type of boat has different inventory capacities. Smaller boats will have very low inventory capacity while larger boats will have higher inventory capacities.
2a. Or go to the Del Perro Pier to fish
  • If you do not have a boat or do not want to go out to sea to go fishing, you can also go fishing at the Del Perro Pier. Go to the Pier and skip to to Step 5.

3. Head out to open waters
  • There is a number of places that you can fish. Depending on where you go will determine the type and size of fishes you will be able to catch. Typically, the closer to the shore you are, the smaller the fish will be.
  • You may have a better chance of filling up your boat quickly by going out towards deeper waters, but this does not mean you will be earning more money.
4. Before you start fishing...
  • Access your player inventory and equip the fishing rod in order to use it for fishing.
  • To provide sync stability for your boat, make sure to anchor the boat by using the context/interaction menu on your boat by holding B and using your Right Mouse Button on your boat.
  • The player who is maneuvering the boat is considered the "Captain" of the ship and will collect a bonus for fishes collected by other players fishing on the boat. The person who gets the bonus fish is the last player to enter the driver seat of the boat. This means the Captain can get out from behind the wheel, and fish with the crew or fish themselves for a larger return. The Captain only receives bonus fish if they are standing on the boat or is in any seat of the boat. The Captain does not receive any bonus fish from a fish caught by themselves.
5. Cast your line...
  • Type /fish while you are at the edge of the boat.
  • Once a fish has been attached to your line, you will be prompted to click your left mouse button (LMB).
  • If you click your LMB while the notification is still active, the minigame will begin.
  • A red bar with two white lines will appear on the left side of your screen. Keep the red bar in between the two white lines. Going over will snap the line, while going under will allow the fish to escape.
  • Once the timer is up and you did not go over or under the white lines, you have officially caught your fish. You will be notified of the type of fish that you caught and how many grams it weighs.
    Bigeye Tune
    Blue Shark
    Bluefin Tuna
    Bonito Shark
    California Barracuda
    Chinook Salmon
    Coho Salmon
    Common Thresher Shark
    Jack Mackerel
    Pacific Bonito
    Pacific Mackerel
    Shortfin Mako Shark
    Striped Marlin
    Yellowfin Tuna

    Bat Ray
    Barred Sand Bass
    Blue Rockfish
    California Halibut
    California Sheephead
    Canary Rockfish
    Chilipepper Rockfish
    Giant Kelpfish
    Giant Sea Bass
    Gray Smoothhound
    Greenspotted Rockfish
    Longfin Sanddab
    Pacific Hake
    Pacific Halibut
    Pacific Sanddab
    Pacific Tomcod
    Petrale Sole
    Rubberlip Seaperch
    Starry Flounder
    Starry Rockfish
    Vermillion Rockfish
    White Seabass
    Widow Rockfish

    Barred Sand Bass
    Blue Rockfish
    Canary Rockfish
    Chilipepper Rockfish
    Kelp Greenling
    Longfin Sanddab
    Olive Rockfish
    Pacific Hake
    Pacific Sanddab
    Petrale Sole
    Rubberlip Seaperch
    Shovelnose Guitarfish
    Spiny Dogfish
    White Seabass
    Widow Rockfish
    Yellowfin Croaker
    Yellowtail Rockfish

    Barred Surfperch
    California Corbina
    Redtail Surfperch
    Silver Surfperch
    White Croaker
6. Sell all of your fish for that cold, hard cash.
  • You can sell one fish, a small quantity of fishes or a fully loaded boat. There is no minimum that you have to reach before you are able to sell your catch.
  • You can sell your fishes near the Fishing Shops, marked with a hook icon at either Vespucci Marina or Del Perro Pier. You do not have to be at the Fishing Shop.
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