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Feature Guide: Context/Interaction Menu


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Jan 10, 2019
Feature Guide: Context/Interaction Menu

The context or interaction menu allows players to interact with vehicles and other players. To use the menu, simply press and hold down the B button on your keyboard. This should toggle your mouse cursor and allow it to appear on the screen. Once the cursor has appeared on your screen, simply right click on either a Player or a Vehicle. If the B button is released, the cursor will disappear. If the B button is released after right clicking on Player or Vehicle, the menu and cursor will disappear. In order to make a selection from the menu, you must continue to hold down B until a selection has been made. At which point, the menu will disappear and process the option that was selected.

Player Interaction

The Player Interaction menu is relatively simple. You can either Report the Player or start a Trading Session with the Player.

Vehicle Interaction while In/Out of the Vehicle (Owned by Player, Locked and located at the Parking Garage)

Interactions with a vehicle while it is locked are very limited. Because the vehicle is within range of a parking garage, the return option is available. This will allow you to despawn your vehicle.

Vehicle Interaction (Owned by Player, Unlocked and located at the Parking Garage)

Once the vehicle has been unlocked and depending on your position in relation to the vehicle (such as, standing next to the driver's side door), different options will become available for you to use. For a two door vehicle, players can interact with the hood, trunk, and the two side doors. For a four door vehicle, the same applies as with the two door vehicle, on top of being able to interact with the two rear doors of the vehicle.

Vehicle Interaction while Inside (Owned by Player, Unlocked and located at the Parking Garage)

The most amount of options become available when you are sitting inside of the vehicle as shown above. You can lock your vehicle. You can open your hood, trunk, and any of the doors whether it is a 2 door or 4 door vehicle.
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