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Faction Application - Rockford Holdings, LLC

Jan 10, 2019
Faction Application
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Faction Application Form

General Faction Information
1.0) Faction Name: Rockford Holdings, LLC
1.1) Legal/Illegal: Legal
1.1.0) If your faction is illegal, do you have any legal fronts?: N/A

2.0) Total leader play time: 100+ hours
2.1) Current up-to-date amount of members: 1
  • Robert Bravo - BravoMan

3.0) Property Ownership | Requesting Property:
  • 7226 Dorset Drive, Rockford Hills (Main Office for Rockford Holdings, LLC and most of its subsidiaries)
  • North of 9245 Popular Street, underneath Olympic Freeway (Materials/Vehicle Depot for Rockford Construction, LLC)
3.0.0) This property must be relative to your faction whether it be a gang area, house or, business. You may also request a property as long as it is not in use

3.1) Does your faction require any script support?: [This can be commands, custom mapping (provided by you) or anything of the sort]:
  • Building Interiors
    • Main Office IPL: ex_sm_15_office_02b
    • Materials/Vehicle Depot IPL: ex_exec_warehouse_placement_interior_1_int_warehouse_s_dlc_milo
  • Vehicles
    • 3x Vapid Sadler
    • 3x Declasse Burrito
    • 2x Vapid Stanier
    • 2x Mule
    • 1x Dozer
    • 1x Mixer II
    • 1x Tipper II
    • 1x Rubble
    • 1x Flatbed
  • Commands
    • Some sort of cleaning animation(s), if any are available in the game files.
    • /roadblock, /build or /placeobject to place temporary or permanent objects to redirect traffic or "repair" areas of the city/repair private property.
      • Can include: traffic cones, cement barriers, various construction signs, etc
    • /uniform to equip a uniform that suits the task that a member will be handling.
      • Whether it is a Construction uniform, Janitorial, etc.
    • /remove or /destroy to allow the remove of objects that were placed by members of the faction.
    • Add two Interaction Menu options - Attach and detach a trailer from a truck.
      • Simply hold down B, right click on a vehicle that can tow. If the vehicle is near a towable trailer, allow the member to attach/detach the trailer on demand.
3.2) What are your factions long term goals?: We ultimately would like to become a faction where people can roleplay in a wide variety of jobs and roles. Even allowing those that have a criminal record a second chance at being a productive member of society. Whether it be working as an office worker for one of the various subsidiaries or the main holding company, helping the company through its various business processes. As a janitor/handyman supporting our properties via the Janitorial & Maintenance arm of the company. As a construction worker providing services to both private and public sector projects as a contractor through the Construction arm of the company.

4.0) Screenshots of role play & story: No screenshots at this time.

Company Background / Story
Rockford Holdings, LLC serves as the single point of contact for a full range of commercial solutions. Including, but not limited to: Construction, Property Management, and Tenant Services for the greater Los Santos area. To maintain a diversified portfolio, Rockford Holdings, LLC also invests in commercial entities geared to serving the general public. Rockford Holdings, LLC aims to serve the local community by stimulating the job market, maintaining good-paying jobs, and giving back to the community. To achieve this, Rockford Holdings, LLC utilizes in-house talent to manage virtually every aspect of the real estate and construction processes. From the acquisition of land to build structures, leasing office and residential spaces, and providing property and tenant services for business and residential tenants. When possible, Rockford Holdings, LLC will continue to further invest in a myriad of commercial endeavors to maintain positive cash flow.

Rockford Holdings, LLC currently operates severals subsidiaries which include:
  • Rockford Construction, LLC
  • Rockford Janitorial & Maintenance
  • Rockford Management Services
  • Rockford Real Estate Services
Some of the commercial properties under its corporate umbrella include:
  • Cool Beans
  • Del Perro Suburban
  • Del Perro Taco Bomb
  • Del Perro Universal Uniform
  • Nutsaki Restaurant

4.1) Additional comments: The majority of interactions between members will be a mixture of IG text based roleplay and some record keeping via an online forum. Whenever possible, roleplay will be encouraged throughout the online forum.

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Board Of Trustees
Dec 5, 2018
I'm definitely interested in seeing how you execute this. Property management isn't going to be easy, definitely a full-time job. I've already looked into this myself and you really have to sell the ability to make someone money to manage their property. I'm excited to beat the competition.
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Jan 10, 2019
I'm definitely interested in seeing how you execute this. property Management isn't going to be easy definitely a full-time job. I've already looked into this myself and you really have to sell the ability to make someone money to manage their property. I'm excited to beat the competition.
We'll start out managing our own properties, developing the roleplay behind performing the day to day duties of property management. Down the line, if we can somehow convince other groups to be willing to work with us (maybe the City of Los Santos or the State of San Andreas) and allow us to manage their properties, more power to us. It will certainly be an interesting endeavor and I look forward to the competition that may arise from the forming of this faction (if approved of course).