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[Accepted] Faction Application - San Andreas Fire Departement

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Sep 1, 2019
Faction Application
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Faction Application Form

General Faction Information
1.0) Faction Name: San Andreas Fire Departement.
1.1) Legal/Illegal: Legal.
1.1.0) If your faction is illegal, do you have any legal fronts?:

2.0) Total leader play time: A couple of hours.
2.1) Current up-to-date amount of members:
  • Fire Chief James Hawkins - Armada

3.0) Property Ownership | Requesting Property: Davis Fire Station. Map

3.0.0) This property must be relative to your faction whether it be a gang area, house or, business. You may also request a property as long as it is not in use

3.1) Does your faction require any script support?:


/heal - Only to be used after being properly Roleplayed. Stabilizing a patient after tending to their wounds and transporting them to the Hospital.

/skins- In order to get people the F.D/EMS Skins. (if they don't exist as clothes that is.)

/PSA - For whenever there is an Emergency or Announcement that needs to be broadcasted to the People.

/rb or /roadblock - Useful to have but not a important necessity (yet).

/stretcher & /rstretcher - If we could get this with a Physical Stretcher that would be great for immersion, however not an Important Necessity.

/d or /dr - Departemental Radio is quite obvious that the F.D Needs.

/scba [on/off] - It's the O2 tank and Mask ((rebreather?)) needed to be able to go into a Burning building filled with smoke.

All I could think of right now, more to come..


1 - 2x Fire Trucks.

1 - 2x Ambulances

Not as urgent but goal to have.

1x Ambulance Helicopter

1x Dinghy

1x Park Ranger Granger / Lifeguard Granger / Utility Van. Either of them, but with Red color or Modded with the SAFD logos.
More to come...

3.2) What are your factions long term goals?: To be around and to be active. I hope to find a way to make it a Faction people would like to Roleplay in, something to keep them staying around. The Faction is very much needed however from previous experience, people don't find it that much entertaining.

I will aim to establish a smaller Fire House up in Paleto Bay, focusing on Mountain Rescue and things relative to the terrain up there. But will also have an Ambulance and a Fire Truck.

4.0) Screenshots of role play & story: N/A

4.1) Additional comments: There will be more to come as they appear to me.

Also if anyone with EMS or Medical experience would like to help out that would be great.

I am adding more to this as I come up with necessary things.
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Jun 9, 2018
Staff Response

The Faction application is : ACCEPTED
Reason: The Faction is Pending a Board of trustees meeting as per server doctrine when assigning a faction leader to a new government entity.
Meeting Date: 09-13-2019 @ 19:00 ET
Conclusion: BoT voted to accept the leader and allow 60 days before reviewing the faction progress.
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Head of Staff
Dec 12, 2018
Staff Response

The Faction application is : PENDING
Reason: The Faction's leader relieved the faction to PSRP Administration. We are currently re-assigning a new leader to the faction. We will re-review in another 60 days.
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