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Jun 9, 2018

PSRP Update Changelog

  • Features:
    • Custom Player Spawns: Players may now spawn at properties that they own or that their faction owns.
    • Custom Vehicle Spawns: Players may now save up to three vehicles at properties they or their faction owns. Saved vehicles are spawned into the world when the character logs in.
    • Police LIDAR Gun: Police factions may use a LIDAR gun to get a vehicle's speed. The LIDAR system may be deployed in "wide" and "narrow" modes, and can be placed at the front or back of a police car; it also reads licenses plates if they are visible to the system.
    • Phone Calling: You can now call anyone's phone and 911 using /call. If you call them while they are offline, they will be able to answer the phone if they log in while it's still ringing. You can pass the phone to other players for them to continue the conversation. It doesn't stop until you either disconnect or hang the phone up manually. This cannot be used for metagaming because valid phone numbers will always ring the full 20 seconds, whether their owner is online or not.
    • Phone Animations: Looking at your phone via F4 and being in a call now shows an animation so people around you know that you're on the phone.
    • Citations: Officers can now issue fines to any other players. The citation appears as an inventory item in the target's Documents section. Here, they can choose when to pay partial or full fines. Fines associated with players are visible in the MDC.
    • Cigarettes: You can now purchase cigarettes from any general store. Right click them and "Smoke" to put it in your hand and light it. Left click to take a hit, right click to discard it.
    • MDC:
      • Full in-game interface for the Mobile Data Terminal.
      • Custom faction-based interface(themes).
      • Officers can add notes for separate properties/vehicles.
      • Ability to view open/close 911 calls.
      • Option to search for a certain 911 call.
      • Person search/records.
      • Vehicle search/records.
      • Property search/records.
      • All-Points-Bulletin with add/edit/delete functions.
    • Illegal Weapon and Drug Shipments:
      • Ability to select the exact contents of ordered shipments.
      • Ability to select the method by which a shipment arrives and the location. Each method has unique and some shared arrival locations.
      • Faction owners can set what ranks have the ability to order a shipment.
      • Faction owners can set what ranks in their own faction receive the information regarding incoming shipments.
      • Any individual can open a shipment crate, so it is important that its location is kept secret.
    • Drug System:
      • Distributors can unpack sealed brick of drugs into individual grams in order to sell, some drugs can to be 'cut' in order to provide an additional amount of the drug while sacrificing its purity.
      • Drug effects are directly affected by the purity of the drug you are using.
      • Cocaine needs to be repacked into bags in order to be used, players can package these bags with any purity of drug in order to create a custom 'blend'.
    • New Custom Government Vehicles:
      • LSPD/SASP/SanFire Vapid Stanier 2
      • LSPD/SASP Vapid Torrence Interceptor
      • LSPD Vapid Buffalo A/C
      • SASP Vapid Buffalo S/C
      • LSPD Vapid Contender
      • LSPD Vapid Speedo
      • SanFire MTL Fire Engine/Rescue Truck
      • SanFire Vapid EMT/A & EMT/B Ambulances
      • SanFire Vapid Bison FR/Water Rescue
    • Chat Commands
      • Server Commands
        • /psa - Broadcasts a public service announcement.
        • /m | /megaphone - Megaphone for faction vehicles that have the ability to use them.
        • /fadvert - Allows a faction to post advertisements.
        • /savecar - Allows you save your vehicle, limited to 50 units around a property you or your faction owns.
        • /clearsavecar - Removes a saved spawn for a vehicle.
        • /setspawn - Allows you to set your spawn point to one of your faction's properties, or your own.
        • /frisk - Allows players to search another players inventory to see what cash/ items they have.
        • /acceptfrisk - To consent to another player's frisk request.
        • /take - Allows police to remove contraband from a cuffed players inventory. (This deletes the items from the server)
        • /blindfold (/blind) - Allows a player to place a blindfold on themselves or someone else. Blocking their ability to see the environment and some UI Elements. You can blindfold yourself using "/blindfold me"
        • /removeblindfold(/unblind) - Allows players to remove a blindfold from a blindfolded player.
        • /tie - Allows players to tie a targets hands behind their back restricting the tied players ability to do some actions.
        • /untie - Allows players to remove restraints from a player that is currently tied.
        • /call - Allows players to make phone calls from their equipped phone to other players.
        • /answer - Allows players to answer an incoming phone call on their equipped phone.
        • /hangup - allows players to end a phone call on their equipped phone.
        • /broadcast - Allows a news agency to broadcast IC news to all players.
        • /interview - Allows a news agency to start an IC interview with other players.
        • /news - Allows a news agency to broadcast IC news to all players.
        • /joinbroadcast - Allows an interviewee to accept an invite to an active news broadcast.
        • /stopbroadcast - Allows a news agency to stop an active news broadcast.
        • /tognews - Allows players to toggle on or off news broadcasts and interviews.
        • /fine - allows police to issue fines/citations to other players.
        • /acceptfine - Allows a player to accept a fine issued by an officer.
        • /togplate - Allows players to add/remove a license plate from their own vehicle.
      • Client Commands
        • /chatsize - Customize the font size of your chat.
        • /chatlines - Change how many lines of chat you want to see on your screen.
        • /chattime - Toggles timestamp on every chat message.
        • /fps - Adds an FPS counter to your screen.

  • Inventories have been reworked for future dynamic use.
  • Faction inventories can only be accessed at a bank.
  • Carry weight for the inventory has been increased to 8500 grams.
  • Updated Ammunation pricing.
  • Increased the quantity of ammo sold per transaction at Ammunation.
  • Sniper scopes now ignore the cross-hair display timer and show scope UI immediately on scope in.
  • Most weapons are now semi-automatic.
  • Players now have default health of 50.
  • Balanced the custom damage system to conform with the new HP value.
  • Law enforcement personnel now have to be in a police precinct in the locker room in order to use /dutyon.
  • Updated police vehicle siren control adding additional siren sounds to cruisers.
  • Police loadout now includes the 'Ceramic Pistol' instead of the 'Combat Pistol'.
  • When a character is cuffed, the earpiece is removed, and the player is unable to use /r.
  • Phones, radios, and inventories are no longer accessible in jail.
  • Updated map markers in order to reduce FPS lag & avoid GTAV engine limitations.
  • Buckling the seatbelt now outputs an /ame instead of /me.
  • Included the current date beneath the Populum Solus logo at the bottom of the screen.
  • Property labels are no longer visible through walls or the map.
  • Various map object additions/removals including removing stunt ramps and for sale signs in houses that are not for sale and blocking random holes in freeways so players can not drive off of them as easily.
  • Doubled the shouting distance (/s).
  • Players will now spawn at the nearest hospital to their death instead of a single hospital.
  • Re-balanced vehicle trunk space to better fit with current weight of items.
  • Added the fish sell price to the description of the fish when it is on your player and to the name of the fish if it is in a boat.
  • Re-balancing with fish pricing and probabilities. Hoping to see some feedback on this one as it will take some tweaking to get perfect.
  • /fquitaccept was removed in favor of "/fquit <1|2> [confirm]"
  • Hospitals will now remove contraband from a players inventory on player death.
  • All LEO Factions will now get a notification when a player is released from jail prematurely.
  • AMEs now shows the session ID of the character using it.
  • Shout distance increased.
  • Common Area properties now have invisible management markers.
  • Help menu has been updated to include most of these systems
  • All donations now announce in discord, even shop items.
  • Removed some map ramps and blocked off some unrealistic exits.
  • Food now heals max 60 hp.
  • More reliable engine control. There is no more cold start when starting your engine.
  • Added flashlight to police loadout.
  • /report sends a message to administration in Discord.
  • Players can now use 'me' in place of a character name/ID in order to perform some chat commands on themselves.

  • Fixed various interaction validation issues.
  • Fixed various issues that could have caused instability, allowing the server to run for greatly increased amounts of time with out needing a restart.
  • Fixed PLD alignment with the minimap.
  • Fixed gas stations not withdrawing money from the players bank when refueling.
  • Fixed various items interfering with vehicle engines not responding smoothly to players turning them on or off.
  • Fixed trash side job markers not always displaying.
  • Fixed delivery side job not always displaying the drop off location marker.
  • Fixed player name tag position tracking at high speeds.
  • Fixed some vehicles missing from config not allowing them to have trunk space.
  • Fixed bug with login screen not working after entering an invalid username or password the first time.
  • Removed the ability to use animations while falling in order to stop the player from taking fall damage.
  • Made sure any aircraft spawn with their gear in the down and locked position.
  • Fixed sorting table columns in the F2 menu
  • Fixed rank reordering in F2 menu
  • Fixed inconsistencies with logging in for the first time. Accounts now get created when trying to log in, instead of relying on the forums to do this for us.
  • Lots of reworks with our donator system. Should help with issues donating or receiving benefits from donations.
  • Fixed mod shop color picker not working sometimes
  • Added missing inventory capacities for some cars from the dealership. Eg, Regina, Asea, etc.

Staff Updates
Administration Team
  • Rich - > Moderator
  • Nico -> Moderator
  • Ian -> Moderator
  • Adin -> Administrator
  • Mac -> Head of Staff
  • Bill -> Founder(Management & Development)
Helper Team
  • Brandon(Cortez) -> Helper

Helper Team Announcement Do you find fulfillment from helping people? Are you a personable person? Do you thrive off social interaction? Then join the Helper team within Populum Solus sounds like it might be the right move for you. This limited-time opportunity is available to all members of the community willing to begin a long-term commitment in serving the community. Helpers chosen through this process will have a very community-oriented mindset and will be willing to answer questions that may arise from members of the community, be willing to assist in introducing new and prospective members to the community, and helping them get settled in. If you are interested in this role and feel like you would do an outstanding job in a role such as this, please contact Mac, the HoS.

A word from the Head of Staff Hello, I am Mac, the new Head of Staff. I was brought into this position to oversee the entire Staff Team at Populum Solus. A lot of the work that I deal with is behind closed doors by Managing the Helpers, Moderators, and Administrators. I report and undersee directly to the Founders and maintain a high level of communication between the parties. I also do a bit of Development to the server here and there and create all of the graphics for the server. If you ever have an issue with a Helper, Moderator, or Administrator, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. Thanks, and I look forward to RP'ing with you all!

Mobile Data Computer

Gun & Drug Trafficking

Los Santos Police Department

San Andreas Department of Fire and Forestry


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