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[#6] Changelog [0.6B]


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Dec 5, 2018

Version: 0.6B
  • Added Fishing System
    • New Fishing stores at the end of the Del Perro Pier, and the La Puerta Boat Dealership. (Look for a hook on the map.)
    • Added /fish to fish wherever there is a realistic amount of water.
    • Added /sellfish to sell fish at either one of the fishing stores.
    • Added Captain system
      • Captains gain fish equivalent to 60% of what players are catching on their boat.
      • Captains must remain in the drivers seat of the boat to take advantage of this feature.
    • All caught fish including captain's cut are placed into the boats inventory.
    • Only the player who caught the fish can remove the fish from the boat.
    • You can /sellfish from a boat.
    • When fish is sold out of the boat by the captain, the player who caught each fish gets the money for it, even if they are offline
    • You can now drop anchor with the context menu (b) to hold the boat steady and improve sync between players on your boat.
  • Added new Help Menu.
    • This can be accessed by hitting F2 and clicking help.
    • Covers a multitude of topics and commands.
    • You can also access the help menu with /help.
  • All vehicles now have inventories, you can now store items inside of your vehicles.
    • The inventory of your vehicle can be accessed through the context menu. (b)
  • Holding G will allow you to choose what passenger seat you want to ride in.
  • Added the following vehicles from the Diamond Heist update, they can be found at the dealership.
    • Albany V-STR
    • Dinka Sugoi Type-R
    • Dinka Blista Kanjo
    • Grotti Furia GTB
    • Karin Everon XLT
    • Karin Sultan Classic
    • Lampadati Komoda
    • Maxwell Asbo
    • Maxwell Vagrant
    • Ubermacht Rebla GTS
  • Overhaul of Weapon Damage.
    • Weapon damage is determined by area hit, and weapon used.
    • Weapons damage now has a fall off range.
    • Weapon fall off damage is influenced by distance from player and by weapon.
  • Added new aiming mechanics.
    • Crosshair no longer shows up instantly.
    • Player must remain still for 3 seconds for the crosshair to appear.
    • Crosshair will disappear if the player begins moving.
  • Added Snacks that can be bought at general stores and gas stations.
    • These snacks can be eaten to restore health.
  • Added Snow, and updated the weather system.
  • Faction Leadership can now use /ftogglechat <1|2> to toggle their factions chat globally.
  • Players can now use /TogF <1|2> to toggle faction chat for themselves.
  • Added /ame, this shows an action above your head for a short amount of time.
  • Added a Populum Solus watermark.
  • Added tips that show up temporarily above the map.
  • Server now logs weapon damage.

  • Player nametags are now only visible is the player is able to be seen.
  • Property Markers now change color based on if a property is owned or unowned.
  • Increased chat character limit from 120 to 250.
  • Adjustments to the chat text stroke.
  • Admin names now only show up blue on the scoreboard when the admin is on admin duty.
  • Bike helmets are no longer automatically put on.
  • Moderators can now repair vehicles, set fuel, set HP, warp, and bring.
  • Taser damage removed.
  • Taser now keeps the tazed player on the ground for 10 seconds.
  • Predator Boat now has trackmode and sirens.
  • Changed the Kamacho's price to $175,000.
  • Server now logs to the administration when a player connects or disconnects.
  • Changed F to enter the closest driver's seat instead of the closest vehicle.
  • Changed chat letter spacing.
  • Changed /setforsale, now requires 10% down of asking price to set for sale.

  • Fixed a gamebreaking bug regarding unlocking a vehicle and shortly thereafter getting in it.
  • Fixed a glitch where the player would break the window if the vehicle was unlocked after the player attempted to get in a locked vehicle.
  • Fixed chat line partials showing out of bounds.
  • Fixed a bug where firing an LEO wouldn't take them off duty.
  • Fixed a bug where the property name wouldn't update the deed's name when the properties name was changed.
  • Fixed formatting when respawning a vehicle through the faction F2 menu.
  • Dying now forces you back into the default dimension.
  • !warp now brings the warper to the players correct dimension.

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Jan 10, 2019
Excellent job on the fishing system. Now I have some work to do on my guides to include the changes from this update.