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[#5] Community Update [LOADS of Stuff]


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Jun 6, 2018

Community Update #5
Development Progress
Hello again Populum Solus Community!

Today's newest update was released today by Micaww! With this it brings quite a few changes which we will go over within this update. The first major part was addition of a second spawn within the vicinity of Vespucci! When you now enter the server you can choose to spawn at either Vespucci or Del Pero, each of these areas have 24/7's and car spawn points. So have no fear you will be able to get around easily, this will help centralize some of the roleplay in this area. With the addition of the Vespucci spawn we have also moved the delivery driver job to this area as well! This means their is the ability to do a side job at each spawn point.

The next major part of the update was the addition of an animation management system to the server! Similar to our faction-management system, Micaww created a script-platform that allows us to quickly add any animation we want, with "intros" and "outros" all within minutes. As exhibition of the system, we have added a few sampler animations for you to try! You can now type /a which will show you list of full available animations within the server! To use a specific animation, type /a [Animation Name]. To cancel an animation, right click your mouse or type /a stop. Of course, players may type while their characters perform animations; some animations may be performed while in cars, and/or while moving on foot.

We have also created our own "Stranger" system that helps players remain anonymous. Now, all player are given a 3-digit stranger ID; the first digit is an alphabetic character (A-Z) and the second and third are whole numbers. Your stranger ID might look like this, A51. No player is told their own stranger ID, and there is no OOC way that a player can discover their own stranger ID (unless someone helps them).

When you meet a new player, you can identify / introduce yourself three different ways. First, you can show them your license. To do this use /showlicense [Stranger ID]. For example: /showlicense A51. Using /showlicense automatically reveals your first and last name to the individual, and lets them recognize you for thirty minutes or until you disconnect from the server; whichever comes first. The person reviewing your license will forget your identity within 30 minutes, unless they "nickname" you. After 30 minutes, your "Stranger" identity returns. Of course, the second way is to /showbadge [Stranger ID]. This functions the same as the license system, in that the person reviewing your badge will forget your identity within 30 minutes, unless they "nickname" you. The third way is by simply telling someone your name through in-character methods; although, this is less-reliable then the first two methods of identification.

To set a nickname for a player you just met, use /nick <Stranger ID> <Nickname>. To set someone's nickname, you must be in a close physical proximity to them and you must have in-character reason & grounds to set their name; players who attempt to abuse this system will be punished. Simply meeting someone once or seeing their license once will not suffice as grounds to set a nickname. Any person who is "Nicknamed" by another person is notified of such an event; in other words, if someone sets a nickname for YOU, the server will inform you that "a player has set a nickname for you." This system has also removed character names from the scoreboard and has replaced them with master account names.

I should mention that the stranger system allows players to "Tag" each other using Brackets in /me and and /do, without revealing anyone's identity on accident. More specifically, I can tag Stranger "L73" aka "Robert McMuller" by placing L73 in "Brackets." For example, /me slaps [L73] while wearing latex gloves. For everyone who knows Robert McMuller, they'll receive this message: Jake Daniels slaps Robert McMuller [L73] while wearing latex gloves. However, anyone who does not know McMuller will simply see this, "Jake Daniels slaps Stranger [L73] while wearing Latex Gloves." Of course, if other individuals have Robert's Nickname to something else, then they'll see that nickname instead! This means everyone knows who is getting slapped, but that person's true identity is never revealed to someone who has an incorrect nickname! In some, the person's relative identity is conveyed, not necessarily their true one.

Last major item worth mentioning in this thread is the marina and the ability to purchase boats! Los Santos' Citizens have the ability to purchase a boat, routinely use it, and refuel it! Head on down to the Vespucci Yacht Club to check out the full system! This was implemented with future-compatibility for our fishing system (Coming soon!)

Below is the full changelog for this most-recent update, but please be aware than our Discord Changelog is more indicative of the server's most-recent development. This changelog seriously neglects to account for many of the most-recent changes in the server.
  1. Added /a command to play animation sequences! Type /a to get a list of all available animations. Most of them have different intro/outro animations and behaviors. Some animations play differently for female versus male characters. Looping animations can be stopped at any time by pressing W A S D if it's a non-moving animation, and clicking the mouse for controllable animations
  2. Added the boat dealership. You can now purchase boats at the docks in Vespucci. You can also spawn boats at the same docks. There is a refueling right across the water.
  3. There is now a spawn point selection when you first join the game. You can choose either Vespucci or the original Del Perro. Vespucci is now the recommended spawn as some things have been adjusted to encourage RP in that area.
  4. The F2 Faction menu now has a "Vehicles" tab where factions can manage their fleets. You can Locate vehicles that are spawned, return them remotely for a fee, refuel them while they're parked, and repair them if they are damaged. You can also see the last person that drove each vehicle and who spawned them. There is a new permission for access to this tab: "Manage Vehicles" - Added a new parking garage in Vespucci
  5. Added a new general store in Vespucci
  6. Changed delivery job to be in Vespucci
  7. Using quotation marks in /me will show the text in white (Suggested by @Ezaco)
  8. Added a faction attribute for flipping vehicles
  9. There are now sidejob timers. You can only do a sidejob every 15 minutes.
  10. The scoreboard now automatically updates every few seconds while you hold Z
  11. You can now delete messages and conversations in your phone. Just right click on the message or conversation and it will pop up to confirm
  12. Both sidejob payouts have been reduced
  13. Fixed dance animations causing crashes
  14. Fixed animations cancelling while typing

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions post them!

Thanks in advance,

Micaww & Daniels!
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