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  1. Fuggle

    What is the last movie you watched?

    Simple little thread. What movie you last watched and maybe a short description of what you think about it or what it is about.
  2. Fuggle

    Carlos "Cobra" Cortez

    Carlos is of Mexican-American descent and lived in North Yankton where he joined a Motorcycle Club named Las Serpientes MC at a young age, since then a bunch of trusted members including himself have started up a charter in Los Santos in the Rancho area, Carlos at the moment is struggling to get...
  3. Fuggle


    No one will really know me but figured I'd make one of these, I'm Fuggle played on a few servers over the years in various MC factions, 2 of which have been on GTA5 Let's hope 3rd times a charm, Let's have at it.