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  1. Rougemont

    Mirror Park Homeowner's Association

    the faster the better, i want to see this
  2. Rougemont


    I'd love to see it before believing it, but if it does indeed work I'm ALL up for this to be in-game and would love to see it.
  3. Rougemont


    I already know what you're talking about and I too would personally love to see it. As it would be way better than slinging cars at light speed with the vanilla tows thanks to Rage. Perhaps even add the ability to utilize the empty truck trailer to fill up with several different vehicles. Best...
  4. Rougemont

    Property Item Concealment

    Would be nice if you had a command to set a certain point in your house where you could access this hidden inventory, with the requirement being you'd have to describe the location for admins to be able to read with a command. Should your house be broken into or raided to avoid powergaming.
  5. Rougemont

    More Civilian Vehicles!

    Definitely extends the already existing possibility of owning a casual vehicle for the passive roleplayer. Would also love to see if you could buy trailers in the future, once they are synced.
  6. Rougemont

    1125 West Mirror Drive

  7. Rougemont

    We'll meet again one day, under the light of the brave.

    As I laid down on the hood of my car, I thought about the old know, before I met her. Back then, nothing could harm me, I was invincible. But even invincible people stop being so when their weak spot is compromised. And boy was mine, more than I could've ever imagined. I found myself...
  8. Rougemont

    We'll meet again one day, under the light of the brave.

    Slowly becoming dull like a blade, And I'm sure I can't mend. Time will eventually cast shade, and I will see you again friend. (Buck Island, Puerto Rico - August 2015) Until that time comes, I shall move through the wind. I remember holding you in my arms, As you withered away with a grin...
  9. Rougemont

    Filling the streets [GAME]

    I imagine I'd see a bunch of bicycles or scooters scattered across the town if there wasn't some sort of a rental system off the bat. How would you find a way to counter this from happening?