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  1. Bruh

    He was caught rule breaking by his own admission and the admin team have helped him create a...

    He was caught rule breaking by his own admission and the admin team have helped him create a false tale to back it up. Not sure why, but it’s clear to anyone looking in from the outside. Mac himself gave me permission to go for that building regardless of geographic location and the police...
  2. Bruh

    Aaaaand that’s why the most active faction on sa-rp packed up and left...

    Aaaaand that’s why the most active faction on sa-rp packed up and left. If Snow was “aware I’d get caught”, he’d have made contact with PD. Burning down a business isn’t “non-violent”. There was no record of a “low...
  3. Bruh

    Automatic Actions Changes

    D.2 “(i) No player is permitted to rob another player who is present at a side-job location or participating in the sidejob itself.”
  4. Bruh


    If you could somehow have them show up in the mini-map and not on the main map; or have them show up within a 500m radius; that might be an improvement over seeing none at all?
  5. Bruh

    Automatic Actions Changes

    It’s against the rules to attack/rob someone on a side job.
  6. Bruh

    Name Repetition Changes

    With the nickname system you can already tell people your name is anything. If someone creates a character with the same name as another with the exact same face and clothing deliberately, I’m sure action would be taken.
  7. Bruh

    Newbie Chat Changes

    100% agree with this
  8. Bruh

    Vehicle Spawning System & Parking Lots / Garage

    If a player crashes or logs out with their car in the middle of the road, it’d remain there until someone with a tow truck could move it - then if it was moved you wouldn’t be able to find it. There’s still teething problems with AltV streaming vehicles, so keeping them spawned forever would...
  9. Bruh

    Automatic Actions Changes

    How would that be a positive change?
  10. Bruh

    Removal of OOC limitations

    By ‘OOC Limitations’, you’re talking in most cases about ‘rules’. They’re in-place to make sure people are having fun. It’s not realistic for someone to go around robbing person after person - this kind of crime spree would get your caught very quickly in real life. We’re restricted in-game...
  11. Bruh

    Adjustment of economy

    A few of us played in a server that had a ‘realistic’ economy. It was still much easier than real life to get what you wanted, but it was calculated that it’d take days of playtime to afford even the cheapest vehicle. I have no intention of spending days worth of time to be able to afford...
  12. Bruh

    Introduce Rental Vehicles to Davis spawn point

    Right now, a car rental would be the preferable option imo. Players aren’t always on and admins less so - anything that makes the server more welcoming is good by me!
  13. Bruh

    Trucking job changes and adaptations for the San Andreas Trucking faction

    Opinion piece inbound It needs to be looked at in three categories: 1. Self-employed truckers with hire vehicles - 70% pay (30% to cover 'vehicle hire' and insurance) 2. Self-employed truckers with their own vehicles - 90% pay (10% to cover insurance and not being as 'well known' as a company)...
  14. Bruh

    Scene Creator

    For reference.
  15. Bruh

    Scene Creator

    It’s basically a /status that floats above the ground, instead of above a player’s head. It remains in place once the player leaves, so describe a scene. I.e. **There’d be multiple bullet casings on the floor.**
  16. Bruh

    Weapons in vehicles

    Yeah, awful sync. My first hit, I shot from a car and hit the guy 5+ times and not one registered.
  17. Bruh

    Keybinds change

    Rolling off the back of this, a single tap of [key] to start/stop vehicles would be great too!
  18. Bruh

    Weapons in vehicles

    What script function would you like to suggest?: Allow equipping of weapons during side-jobs and allow use of weapons whilst driving. How will your script function work?: Removing blocks currently in-place. Truckers are currently unable to equip weapons that, should they choose, can be...
  19. Bruh

    Remove job cooldowns

    1. Name: Bruh 2. Date: 15/08/2020 3. What script function would you like to suggest?: Remove the cooldown between jobs to remove unnecessary downtime. 4. How will your script function work?: As above. 5. Will this benefit the rest of the community?: Stop the awkward waiting period and the...
  20. Bruh

    Player Reviving

    1. Name: Bruh 2. Date: 02/08/2020 3. What script function would you like to suggest?: /selfrevive & /helpup (via context menu) 4. How will your script function work?: Allow players to revive (/selfrevive) if no other players are around. Allow players to be revived (helpup) by other players...