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  1. GreatCanadianGuy

    Your Helper Team

    Helper Team Roster Head of Helpers: @GreatCanadianGuy (Ritz) Helpers: @NouieMan @zachariah @Moretti (Unscoiablegamer) @MaxPayne @Kaos
  2. GreatCanadianGuy


    What about a /atm command that sets a waypoint to the nearest ATM?
  3. GreatCanadianGuy

    Helper Team Applications [OPEN]

    Helper Application Master Account name: [ANSWER HERE] Discord Name (Including 4-Digit ID): [ANSWER HERE] Total Time Played: [ANSWER HERE] Your Time-Zone: [ANSWER HERE] Your Country: [ANSWER HERE] List any Punishments (Including Warnings, AJails, Kicks, Bans.. etc)...
  4. GreatCanadianGuy

    Name Repetition Changes

    This. With the stranger system there really is no way to know what names are and aren't being used until that player introduces themselves to you.
  5. GreatCanadianGuy


    What does removing them from the map improve?
  6. GreatCanadianGuy

    Automatic Actions Changes

    What does removing the markers accomplish?
  7. GreatCanadianGuy

    Newbie Chat Changes

    Right now you might not always find a helper in-game because we only have 4 at the moment. Discord will get you a fast response.
  8. GreatCanadianGuy

    Vehicle Spawning System & Parking Lots / Garage

    I don't see how this would benefit the server.
  9. GreatCanadianGuy

    Name Repetition Changes

    Sometimes comedy can write itself...
  10. GreatCanadianGuy

    Accessories (Glasses, Braces, Watches, ETC)

    This is included in the current milestone update. Release is not far off.
  11. GreatCanadianGuy

    Spawn Location

    Although there might not be an official thread, this has been discussed many times and the outcome has been that it hinders immersion. The idea is that when you log-off, life goes on. It would be unreasonable to expect to spawn in days later in the exact same location/scenario that you left...
  12. GreatCanadianGuy

    Reworking where faction vehicles can be parked.

    Really? I swear I saved one a few weeks ago.
  13. GreatCanadianGuy

    Fo' duece,[42](Damu bloods) EBK.

    Awesome. Thanks for putting in solid effort on the app. Always supporting illegal faction apps to keep the market competitive, especially from what appears to be a group of people who know what they’re doing.
  14. GreatCanadianGuy

    Santos Group, LLC

    So long as the faction sticks to the goals stated in the app it has my support. Happy to see a group of players dedicated to promoting a high RP standard.
  15. GreatCanadianGuy

    Reworking where faction vehicles can be parked.

    Maybe that’s the result of an attempted temporary solution to the vehicles spawning on an angle, no idea though I haven’t experienced this with any other faction yet.
  16. GreatCanadianGuy

    Reworking where faction vehicles can be parked.

    Faction vehicles can only be saved within a radius of a faction owned property or “locker” right now. If that’s not the case then there’s a bug.
  17. GreatCanadianGuy

    Feedback on vehicle ignition

    There is a known issue with using Alt as a hot key with Alt:V specifically when Alt+Tabbing. In a future update you will be able to set your own hot keys for server features such as Engine, Seatbelt, Locking etc.
  18. GreatCanadianGuy

    Removal of ''global messages''

    I like this but here’s my idea: Until the phone is further developed, have ads sent as text messages to phones from an “Ad Agency” just like IRL how you sometimes get spam texts. All ads would be SMS from 000-0000 and you could block the number if you don’t want them.
  19. GreatCanadianGuy

    Hardware stores

    I fee like there aren’t enough unique purchasable items to justify making different types of stores.
  20. GreatCanadianGuy

    Removal of modifications

    I support the idea of IC garages and giving mechanic factions the ability to add modifications. I do not support removing modifications though. IRL I see tones of modded vehicles.