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    Weapon System and Handling Improvements

    This will add the element of realism to the whole roleplaying scenery, so a definite yes from me. Solid idea.
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    ahh, armadas older bro
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    Weazel News - Structure

    did you call me
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    Magellan Crips

    Big thumbs up.
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    Pacific Hill Gang

    Best of luck folks!
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    Weazel News & You

    "Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean." Do you seek new business ideas? Do you want your business to prosper? Then Weazel News is for you, the top media marketing corporation in the US! Do not hesitate, form your partnership today! Contact us today @...
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    Weazel News - Now hiring!

    (( You can browse all the vacant positions -here-, if you're considering on applying for a position that isn't on the path of journalism at this given moment. Naturally, experienced applicants are likely to be given advanced roles and positions whilst beginners will start as an intern to proceed...
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    Weazel News - Structure

    WEAZEL NEWS | STRUCTURE & MEMBERSHIP Board of Directors Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Chairman - Phillip Wilkinson (( @Loco Phil )) Chief Operating Officer (COO) - Zachary Kingston (( @Miami )) Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) - Position vacant Creative Director - Charlotte Karner (( @Karner...
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    Weazel News - Now hiring!

    WEAZEL NEWS | RECRUITING INNOVATIVE INDIVIDUALS NOW HIRING! If you believe that you have what it takes to join the biggest News Corporation out there, do not hesitate - Weazel News encourages you to contact us! All you have to do is send us your CV, along with all your personal information...
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    Weazel Television Network

    WEAZEL NEWS | ABOUT US "The mouthpiece through which simultaneous moral outrage and cultural hedonism get funneled into the living rooms of the American people." WEAZEL TELEVISION NETWORK was first founded back on May 27, 1978, in Los Santos. Since then it expanded across several states...
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    [Accepted] Weazel Television Network

    Yos, I hereby acknowledge all which was previously stated in terms and goals and agree to follow such throughout my leadership career of Weazel News. Thanks for the opportunity guys!
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    My name is ...

    suh my dude