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    Wow thanks dad
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    Falcone & Sons Real Estate

    1104 and 1107 Nikola Ave have been sold!
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    Mirror Park Homeowner's Association

    I still think this would be a legal faction. With everything you've said, it just points outwards. The members utilize the faction as social networking, a public front. Not a source of imports, income. I think if illegal RP ran through these IC channels, it would be more interesting.
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    Mirror Park Homeowner's Association

    If this was legal faction I could see this a reality. Illegal just doesn't make sense. Especially since they'd have access to imports.
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    Mirror Park Homeowner's Association

    If I own more than one, can I have exclusive time in the pond?
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    Mirror Park Homeowner's Association

    Hahaha. This is great. Also, why illegal? Sounds like a very legal operation. My only suggestion is the only members of the in game faction are the board members of the association.
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    14K Xīn Guìzú

    There it is! Excited to see this thread pop up and finally get some of those juicy screens. Y'all are legit. Let's make it happen.
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    More Civilian Vehicles!

    As long as they are GTA V lore vehicles, I support custom cars.
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    Flatbeds are the best solution imo. Tow hook tow trucks are more common but buggy af.
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    Pacific Bluffs Country Club

    I can say I'm definitely interested in seeing this take off. Although, paying for assets is a valid question. Just as a suggestion, exclusivity is your market. High dues and limited slots. Guaranteed success.
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    Pagers and Non-Emergency Phonelines

    Yes! Yes!
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    @Mac NO! I LOVE YOU!
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    Oh ok. No pics of us getting married?
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    The Misfits

    +Support. Hilarious roleplay, entirely enjoyable experiences.
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    Rentable Property

    100% certain this is on the plan. As for struggling for money, everyone does. I totally get the weird gray area between being homeless and just barely getting a house. Makes no sense. I think as the economy grows and renting is possible, this will solve itself. I'm not sure what you mean "a...