San Andreas Roleplay is a text-based, English roleplaying server for GTAV. We are pleased to offer one of the most immerse, and stable role-play experiences on alt:V! Our development started back in early 2018 when three members from a previous community on SA:MP decided to come together to form one. Populum Solus was born (later rebranded at San Andreas Roleplay), and development has progressed rapidly since. Check below to find out more information regarding the server.

Create your own World

At SA-RP, we allow players to dive into a realistic environment and bring a character of their choice to life. You could become a Police Officer, EMT, Firefighter, or even a poor low-life criminal. The choices are yours, and the possibilities are endless with our development team. We strive to bring a extremely immersive, and fun experience to Grand Theft Auto players alike!

Getting Connected

  • Download and install alt:V. alt:V is a stand-alone Multiplayer modification for GTAV, with endless modding capabilities.

  • Create an account on our forums, and verify your e-mail address. You must create/join the server with your forum account name!

  • Launch alt:V, find us on the masterlist, and join our server to start role-playing!


Official Legal Factions

San Andreas Government

Comprised of the two primary policy-making branches of government, this institution's principal purpose is to enact legislation and policies that better the State. Further, the State Government is tasked with managing government agencies and allocating State resources in accordance with the people's wishes.

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San Andreas Courts

As the arbiter of law, this Court's ministers have only one motto: "Fiat justitia ruat caelum," or "Let justice be done, though the heavens fall." The State Courts redress legal grievances - both of a civil or criminal nature - by interpreting and applying laws, adjudicating disputes between citizens, and serving as a check on the actions of the State government and its agents.

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Los Santos Police Department

As the principal Law Enforcement Agency, the LSPD is tasked with enforcing traffic and criminal laws, and is the agency primarily responsible for investigating traffic incidents. They have jurisdiction across the entire state and specializes highway patrol and rural & amphibious criminal code enforcement.

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Backlot Studios, Inc.

Considered by many to be the premier film, audio and entertainment conglomerate of San Andreas, Backlot Productions is noted for its "A-List" celebrities and bold marketing techniques which have transformed twenty-first century culture in the United States, and established trends that will last for decades to come.

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Weazel News

Channel your inner reporting skills and get to the streets! Reporting on the go, providing information to residents regarding Traffic, Shootings, Fires, Events, and life in Los Santos!

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Various Illegal Factions

Gangs, Clubs, Cartels...

San Andreas Roleplay offers a vast variety of illegal factions to RP within. There are cartels, street racing gangs, gangs, cliques, cults, and various financial/security jobs all around the city. If your character desires to be on the opposite side of the law, we have all the elements to make you feel right at home!

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